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Our 2023 Board Members
In November, we opened several board positions for election. We are proud to welcome new and familiar faces to our 2023 board: President: Mike Collins Vice-President: Mitch Janda Treasurer: Adam Hayes Secretary: Sam Wagner And our trustees: Brian Wagner James Barker Kevin Etheridge Tom Schuhrke Ashley Nolan Erica Soto Our members’ hard work, commitment, and leadership help us create change and opportunities for our Chandler Police officers. We thank these dedicated members of our bo...

Conversations on the Police Staffing Crisis
CLEA is still committed to keeping police staffing at the forefront of our conversations. We are thankful for the strides the city has made to address this issue, but there is always more progress to be made. If you are interested in having our president, Michael Collins, speak on police staffing to your community associations, schools, or organizations - contact us.

CLEA Sponsors the 2022 Asian Appreciation Event with Support of Local Leadership
We had the opportunity to build new inroads with the Asian and Pacific Islander community last month in partnership with our endorsed candidate Rodney Glassman. President Michael Collins observed a moment of silence for our fallen officers at the event, and spoke on CLEA's commitment to connecting communities.We are excited to continue forming strong relationships within the AAPI community and thank our friends Winnie Kho and Dragon Sam for their help making this event a success.

SanTan Sun Article: Chandler Council Should Seriously Study Police Staffing
The Chandler community is continuing to address police staffing concerns. In the latest edition of the SanTan Sun, Chandler resident Phillip Mella addressed the need for further funding.  Read Philip Mella’s full letter below or by clicking here and turning to page 34.

SanTan Sun article: Police Rep disputes mayor's take on Chandler crime
During the Mayor's State of the City address, Mayor Hartke announced a 30 year low for crime in Chandler. However, that statistic doesn't reflect current issues affecting police, including internet crime, sex trafficking, homelessness and mental health calls.   CLEA is encouraging the Chandler City Council to commit to recruiting an appropriate number of police positions to our city.  Please visit the article on these comments and President Michael Collins' response (linked...

Chandler Law Enforcement Association Reaches New MOU Agreement
Chandler Law Enforcement Association Reaches New MOU Agreement Chandler, AZ (Feb. 11, 2022)--The Chandler Law Enforcement Association (CLEA) has reached an agreement with the City of Chandler that will help retain current police officers and attract new hires for the next contract period. With nearly 80 officers eligible for retirement today, and staffing shortages compounded by a competitive market for new recruits, this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) supports Chandler police officers an...

CLEA MOU Presentation to Chandler City Council
Board President Michael Collins presented CLEA priorities and requests for the 2022-2024 MOU to the Chandler City Council on Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021. Watch the full presentation here: CLEA MOU presentation City Council is scheduled to review costs and details in Executive Session on Thursday, Sept. 23.